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Our Logo

 The Meaning and Design of Our Logo




“The Red Represents the Blood We Shed



The White Represents the Bandages that Cover Our Wounds, Seen and Unseen



Blue Represents the Field of Battle, Land, Air, and Sea



The Paw Print, Purple in Color, Represents the Color of Medicine, our Dog Medicine



The Trident Represents the Greek Symbol Psi, for Psychology,

The Three Points Represent Mind, Body, and Spirit- The Three Things a K-9 Brings Into Harmony



The Twin Gold Shepherds Crooks Stand for a Dogs Word and Bond, Pure Gold with Their Human Partner,

One Crook is for “The Lord is My Shepherd”, the Second is for Bailey, the German Shepherd that Started this All,

For whom the Likeness on our Challenge Coin Pays Tribute”- Timothy McDonough



Tim with Bailey