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Shepherds for Lost Sheep FAQ


Q: What is the difference between a Program dog and the Trainer Assist?
A: A program dog is when we obtain a suitable dog, your preferred breed if applicable, train it, and then pair it with the Veteran. The Trainer Assist program is where you locate a dog, or we help you to locate a suitable dog, and with the help of trainers and classes, we help you to train your dog to our requirements. The program you choose is up to you. You can find additional information on this by contacting your Veteran Liaison Officer.


Q: What is the first step to getting a Service Dog with Shepherds for Lost Sheep?
A: The first step is to fill out one of our applications for Either a Program dog or a Trainer Assist dog. When you have chosen the program you desire, fill out the appropriate applications, including a Doctors note and a Copy of your DD-214 Member 4.


Q: What happens next?

A: The next step after we receive your application, Doctors note, and DD-214, begins with a preliminary interview by your Veterans Liaison Officer. After asking several questions, your Liaison Officer will answer all of your questions and you will discuss with them your need and desire for a service animal. This call serves two purposes. The first is a chance for you and your Veterans Liaison Officer to become familiar with each other. The second is an opportunity for you to ask any and all questions about our programs an service dogs in general. We encourage you to be very open with your Veterans Liaison Officer. After your conversation, your Liaison Officer will email you several forms that will either need to be filled out by you or by your Veterinarian, Primary Care provider, and Psychiatric Care Provider. Once all of your documents are recieved by your Veterans Liaison Officer, your case will be submitted to the board for approval. You will then be placed on the waiting list.


Q: What happens while you are on the waiting list?

A: Once we have identified your service dog, you will be notified and given information on your new service dog, including pictures.


Q: What happens after a dog has been identified for you?

A: Once we have located and identified a Service Dog for you, we begin the K-9’s training. Once the training is complete you will be invited to one of our locations for 7-10 days, in order to finalize the training with you and your Service dog. While with your trainers, you will be doing a lot of training centered around the use of a service animal to mitigate your symptoms, as well as, public access to familiarize you with handling a service dog in public. You will be flown in to one of our locations, meet your trainer and Service Dog at the airport, and complete your training. When complete, you and your service dog will be flown home together.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: There are little to no costs for the Veteran. Shepherds for Lost Sheep has done everything possible to reduce or completely eliminate costs to the Veteran. You will also be supplied the first collar, leash, and service dog vest at no cost.


Q: What kind of vests do we have?

A: We make our own vests in house. One of our board members uses donated cammie uniforms, service specific, to make vests. They include patches, and pockets.


For any other questions, including questions related to the Trainer Assist Program, please contact a Liaison Officer at 1-888-234-2319, or by email at